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Alan Bostock



  The   ALPHANUMERIC PUZZLE  was designed with the logical puzzle enthusiast in mind. 

Each puzzle has a theme, and should take up to 30 minutes to solve.

However, if wrong assumptions are made, some backtracking may be required.

Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number from 1 to 26, but the number given to only one

letter is disclosed. The letters of the words are transcribed into these numbers, and the resulting

sequence of digits for each word is entered into a grid in a straight line, which can be vertical,

horizontal, or diagonal, and the sequence may appear either forwards or backwards.

The digits representing one word may not share more than one digit with another word;

thus, no sequence may be contained nor partially contained within another, except for one crossing digit.

The most popular grid sizes are 14*14 and 16*16 which use 20 and 24 words respectively.

The puzzle is to find the number assigned to one particular letter, which does not appear in any of the words:

 it is necessary to deduce the numbers assigned to the other 25 letters before the puzzle can be solved:

there is only one solution to an Alphanumeric Puzzle.

(Text above first published in MAGIGRAM   March 1993 Vol.25 No.7  p31)

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